🌀Internship Experience at Oasis Infobyte👩🏻‍💻

Recently, I had completed my 1 month Web Development and Designing internship at Oasis Infobyte. In this internship I learned lots of new things and gain experience to develop new web projects . In this one month, I developed Landing Page, Personal Portfolio and Temperature Converter Website using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

🔰 There are three tasks to complete.

  1. Landing Page : https://github.com/ankitapatil20/Landing-Page.git
  2. Portfolio : https://github.com/ankitapatil20/Portfolio.git
  3. Temperatute Converter Web application : https://github.com/ankitapatil20/Temperature-Converter.git

I would like to thank Oasis Infobyte for giving me this opportunity…😊



Computer Engineer 👩🏼‍💻

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